The ClusterOS offers important integrations for accounting and gift cards. We continuously strive to provide solutions to our clients so they can save time and focus on their business.

Easily export the sales data from your Cluster POS to Quickbooks Online®. Your accountants will very happy about this recent feature.

DataCandy’s intuitive dashboard reports allow you to easily manage and quickly analyze the health of both your loyalty and gift card business using one platform. The high level of insight provided by DataCandy’s software ensures that you will always have a strong pulse on the behaviors and purchasing habits of your most loyal customers.

  • Create preferred members

  • Help restaurants and stores of any size reward customers affordably

  • Keeps your top fans loyal to you

The Cluster POS works with Pricer's electronic shelf labelling solution (ESL) to help you to save time with automatic price updates. It's more cost-efficient than paper, and improves your customers' experience with accurate, reliable pricing.

  • Keep your operations efficient with digital price & product updates.

  • Eliminate manual errors, increase customer loyalty, and have complete control over your price adjustments through the Cluster POS.

  • It's cost-effective and easy to maintain.

  • Change prices with the Cluster POS and implement promotions exactly when you need.

  • Bundles, loyalty discounts, limited-time offers. Electronic labels make it easier for you to carry out your dynamic pricing strategies.

  • The Pricer solution is designed to work today and towards the future. Simple to install, ready for future updates.

online ordering api

With our online ordering API, you can have an online store that connects directly to your Cluster POS. 

  • Easy integration for your webmaster. The API is in JSON format

  • Sends the order in real-time to your Cluster POS

  • If you have multiple locations, the order will be sent to the Cluster POS closest to the customer for delivery

inventory api

The inventory API offers the ability to keep track of your stock, integrate/sync it to your other online platforms and use that data to notify you when you're running low.

  • Easy integration for your webmaster. The API is in JSON format

  • Real-time inventory of your store(s) and restaurant(s)

  • Set custom notifications when your inventory has reached a certain quantity and is due for re-stock

  • The Cluster POS sends out an email to you and/or your supplier directly when you're running out of stock

  • One-for-one detailed inventory

  • Barcode support

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