A POS on it’s own is just not good enough. Cluster links your POS to payment processing and a variety of add-ons and hardwares in order to take your productivity and business to the next level.

There are 3 WAYS to process your PAYMENTs

With the Cluster POS, manual entry is eliminated so your reports will always balance and with the right payment method.


Countertop is used mainly in quick service and pickup environments. The POS sends the total amount of the receipt straight to the payment processing device through a wired connection. When the transaction is successfully completed, the POS will automatically close and print the receipt.


Mobile is for table service environments that pass debit and credit cards at the table. The payment processing terminal pulls the total amount of the receipt from the POS wirelessly. When the transaction is successfully completed, the POS will automatically close the receipt. This means that your staff no longer needs to walk back to the POS to close their receipts.


3G is for environments that require connectivity to the POS through greater distances. They can be used for delivery or table service where wireless and/or internet connectivity are not present. The payment processing terminal displays a list of receipts from the POS. When the transaction is successfully completed, the POS will automatically close the receipt.

2 types OF printers

1. Thermal

receipt printer

Thermal POS printers are used for printing client receipts, coupons, gift certificates, bar orders and many other applications where quick printing is required.


kitchen printer

Dot-Matrix also known as impact POS printers are used for printing kitchen orders. Since the technology impacts the paper like a typewriter, using multiple ply carbon paper is possible.


The cash drawer is for quick service environments that require cashiers to keep the money locked up and secure. The cash drawer can be connected directly into our 15” POS for more control like opening and closing time stamps. Our cash drawers come in standard sizes and can also be made into any custom size you require.

Keep your clients visually informed when they get to the cash register.


The POS customer display unit is used mainly for quick service environments. It displays the receipt details, time, weather, and your own advertisement pictures that rotate every few seconds.



The kitchen POS display replaces the traditional dot matrix kitchen printer. It is designed for quick service environments that are limited on space or that want to go paperless.

When your kitchen staff is done with an order, they press on the red "X" to remove it from the order screen. Orders in green are within the time limit. Orders in orange mean they are getting close to the time limit and finally red means the order is late.


The sticker printer uses labels for food and/or drinks that require sticking essential information. For example, if you sell a certain beverage or pre-packaged foods, you can print labels that display the name, description, price, barcode & made/best before dates.


Barcode scanners are for environments that sell barcoded items.


Digital scales are for environments that sell items by weight. Place the item on the scale and the POS will automatically pull the weight information from the scale, multiply it by its rate and add it to the receipt.


The fingerprint scanner can be used for system access and for punching in and out.

Sales Recording Module (SRM)

Cluster is fully certified with the SRM by Revenu Quebec.
(For businesses located in the province of Quebec.)
cluster pos system
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